Dronix Engineering offeres a vast range of services and enables you to find the right solution you need.
Either by consulting or producing the exact part you need, you can be sure that our expertise will give you the best solution for your need. 

CNC & 3D printing

Dronix Engineering has its in-house CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining as well as 3D printing capabilities. This cutting-edge technology of both CNC and 3D printing allows us to design specific parts for our drones needed to make them better and therefore achieve the best performance we can get.
Dronix Engineering also provides its CNC and 3D printing capabilities as service to other manufacturers, per request.

Custom made Drones

Dronix Engineering offers its partners and clients its engineering knowledge and capabilities, learnt in the last 10 years,  for vast range of industries and purposes.
Our ability to design and manufacture a custom made drone according to a specific spec demand (by payload or purpose) is one of our main advantages.

Off-the-shelf drones are designed for specific payloads that effects, in most cases, on flight duration.
When designing a custom-made drone, we take into consideration the particular requirements and needs of your business and the desired payload and create the best drone with maximized flight time.

Our custom-made drones – the best solution for your business needs.

DJI Conversions

After years of experience with a variety of drone types and customer demands, Dronix Engineering is now able to convert any DJI drone and make it safe to use by military, law enforcement and border control missions. 
We will remove and replace any element (remote control, flight controller, camera etc.) and let you have the same platform with the level of security you need.

Consulting Services

Feel free to contact us and let us find a solution for your specific needs.