Introducing the DR 400 – the latest education DIY drone designated for educators, students and developers to build, operate and train with drone aerial robotics equipment for Science, Technology, and Engineering & Math.

Meeting a new endurance criteria in the market, the DR 400 can go up to 20min with 150gr payload or up to 28min with no payload leaving 15% energy for fail safe.

The DR 400 was designed to be mounted upon with various on-board computers and sensors types for various educational tasks, easy to mount and integrate.

The DR 400 Intended for educators to safely and effectively introduce drone technology in groups.
It is reliable and Durable to build and use and stable to Fly.
Now with on-board interface for Arduino Nano and Various compatible Sensors.
The DR 400 is S.T.E.M compatible.

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Flight Duration (w/payload) 150g/20min
Max Payload 400g
Max Takeoff Weight
Max Speed 20m/s
Flight Duration (5m/s) - No payload 28min
Flight Duration (5m/s) with payload 150g/20min
Type Quad
Diagonal wheelbase 400mm
Height 223mm
Weight (w/o battery) 600gr
Weight (with battery) 980gr
Operational Voltage 3S lithium
Num of Battery Packs 1
Propeller Size 9"
Battery Type Lipo
Voltage (V) 11.1
Capacity (mAh) 2200-5200
Weight (per pack) 195-380g
Max charging power 1-3c