About us

Dronix vision

Dronix is a high-end UAV developer and manufacturer, utilizing its innovative development capabilities, deep tech know-how and flagship systems portfolio to deliver outstanding solutions to customers.

State of the art drones

The best of two worlds – innovative flagship drone line fit for any application and custom engineering capabilities tailored to the specifics of every use case and application.

Development workshop

Mastered by competent engineers and project managers with decades of UAVs experience

Open-source systems

Enabling full control and adaptable to any hardware and software integration required

Endurance and flexibility

Smart and robust design

Serial production plant

In our Haifa factory, we produce our flagship drone line and mature projects with all the benefits of serial manufacturing.
Our integrated production line facilitates the streamlined manufacturing of several to a few hundred units.

Quality assurance

Integrating component level mastery and control with complete system reliability assurance ISO 9001:2015 compliant

R&D separated from production

Focus on what’s important throughout the product’s lifecycle

Lower costs

Resilient supply chain enables mass production and substantial reduction of costs

Our partners

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If you wish to purchase products or become a dealer, please contact us at info@dronix.co.ilYou can also leave your contact information below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.