Use cases

Dronix’s Flagship Line of Drones and custom-design capabilities provide omtimized solutions for every mission and use case. A Drone Come True is not a worn-out phrase.

HLS and military

Defense and Homeland Security clients are the backbone of the UAVs industry, and Dronix plays a crucial role in it. Demanding use cases under severe conditions requires engineering and technological capabilities that are Dronix's hallmark.
Dronix designs and manufactures custom drones that are integrated into sophisticated systems for the top HLS firms in Israel.
We handle top-tier drone application projects that are at the frontline of the battlefield, surveillance and homeland security.

Wind turbines analysis

We design and produce UAV solutions for firms and start-ups that offer innovative services. While our partners focus on creating their innovative products, Dronix will handle the platform and integration. Either use one of our Flagship Line drones or we’ll design and integrate your application payloads into a complete system.
This drone was specially designed for a start-up that provides a DaaS (Drone as a Service) to analyze wind turbines. Its specifications from the dimensions to the packaging features were determined by the client up to a full system up and running.

Tethered drone

Dronix meets the requirement for stable extended time missions with its tethered drone. A complete system that is based on our robust DR1100 provides an optimal solution for permanent aerial operation – constant observation post, firefighting, policing, border control, surveillance and many more.
The system is easily transported and deployed in seconds, ideal for first responders.
Soon – a fast cable detachment mechanism to start a immediately hovering mission without landing.


Agricultural missions require drones that can handle harsh weather endurance. A DR1100 is used in the Jordan Valley area to sulfurize dates at a temperature of 47 degrees. This is a good example of a versatile, reliable, off-the-shelf drone that has been customized for a particular purpose. All that’s necessary is to define the requirements and Dronix will take care of the rest up to a fully operational system.

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