Built to spec

From concept to serial production

Our vast experience with dozens of projects enables the delivery swift, customized solutions that are state-of-the-art

Built to spec

Dronix designs custom UAV systems optimized for a variety of clients and projects (OEM).
Dronix develops a wide range of designated platforms for numerous applications both for HLS and commercial use cases. The endgame is a seamless integration into a perfect drone based system ready to fly.

Agile cost-effective Innovative

Design >> Prototype >>Working unit 

Dronix is the UAVs industry’s benchmark to the fastest quality a-to-z process.
Dronix's agile development capabilities have established Dronix as an authorized designer and supplier to the top Israeli HLS companies.

With us as a cornerstone, you get full lifecycle development, integration, and maturity for your projects

We're integral to the development, integration and maturation of projects from concept to exciting products.

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