Edik Zusin

Keeping your hands warm

Formerly an automotive engineer, Edik Zusin started designing drone platforms 12 years ago following his passion. Apart from the immense experience he gathered thru these years,

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Hide&seek drone

A hide and seek drone

Not really. It’s a test platform assembled very quickly, based on core building bricks we developed. It enables us to super agile design and construct

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Working on your ROI

There's no denying that one of the industry's main focuses is on finding an affordable and feasible solution for urban drone flights. This equation contains

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Love your drone

Most of us are taking for granted the reliability of the machines we use. You get into your car, a cup of coffee in one

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Deliveries? Absolutely.

Drone delivery may present an actual benefit in certain circumstances. But you still want a sushi delivery? Why not? go ahead. The DR1200 premier heavy-lifter

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Back in the desert

Returning after a long and tedious week somewhere in the desert, carrying out a complex experimental series of flights and measurements.The DR1100, extremely stable in

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Drone technology

John Glenn, the first U.S. astronaut to orbit Earth, expressed it the best. When asked how did he feel, sitting in the capsule listening to

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Please provide some information

The DR 1200
Top notch heavy-lifter 60mins / 5 kg

The DR 1100
Go-getter powerhorse 26mins/5kg

The DR 750
The optimal tactical drone 2kg/35mins (60mins PRO)

DR 1200 / PRO

Top notch heavy-lifter 55mins/5kg
(Pro: 25min/8kg)

DR 1100

Go-getter powerhorse 30min/5kg

DR 750 / PRO

The optimal tactical drone 35min/2.5kg
(Pro: 60min/1.5kg)

DR 450

Top notch heavy-lifter 60mins / 5 kg